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Chinese Dramas for Beginners. My Top 5 List

After introducing you to the top 10 Korean Dramas for beginners, I decided to compile a short list of Chinese dramas you should watch if you are a beginner looking for pointers.

As you will notice, most of the dramas I recommend are historical fantasies. That is not a coincidence. The Chinese cinema excels in this genre. No one does better fantasy period dramas than China. If you are doubtful, maybe you should give it a try. Here is a short list of heartwarming and easy-to-watch Chinese dramas for beginners.


1. The Eternal Love (2017)

“The Eternal Love” (not to be confused with “Eternal Love”) is a time-travel historical drama. It is the story of Xiaotan, a modern-day real-estate woman who travels almost 2000 years into the past in the Dongyue Kingdom. She finds herself inhabiting the body of Tan’er (the daughter of the Prime Minister) who is to be married to the 8th Prince, by royal command.

The dynamic of the relationship between the 8th Prince and his 21st century bride is at the core of this delightful love story. “The Eternal Love” might have its flaws, but it is one of those dramas that captivates the viewers with an engaging and a heartwarming story.


2. General and I (2017)

This drama is a masterpiece. It combines action, romance, war strategies, out-witting mind games, poetry and martial arts. The two protagonists met under dire circumstances during their childhood and promised never to separate. They eventually get separated and 20 years later they meet as enemies on the battlefield. He is the general of the Jin dynasty and she is the brilliant war strategist of the Yan Kingdom. While she is oblivious of his identity, he recognizes his childhood beloved.


3. Princess Agents (2017)

“Princess Agents” is a historical and martial arts drama. It tells the story of a skillful secret agent who loses her memory after a fighting incident. She is captured by the slave traders and is sold to a powerful and cruel nobleman who likes to entertain his friends by hunting young girls using wild animals and arrows. I won’t give you more details to avoid spoilers, but I will add a short Trailer for your enjoyment. If you enjoy Chinese dramas, this is a must-watch.


4. The Secret of the Three Kingdoms (2018)

This is the latest Chinese drama I watched; it left a deep and lasting impression. The action revolves around the last emperor of the Han dynasty. On his death bed, the young emperor of Han calls his twin brother back into the palace and asks him to take his identity after his death in order to save the empire from demise.

Based on real historical events, mixed with fictional elements, this drama is a precious gem with a meaningful message: you should never compromise when it comes to your conscious; and, above all, nothing can stand in your way when the driving force behind your principles are the love for your country, your spouse and your best friend.


5. Love 020 (2016)

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This is a modern day romantic drama. It is set in both the real world and the world of RPG. It has unique visuals and great CGI. “Love 020” tells the story of Wei Wei, a computer engineering college student and Xiao Nai, the CEO of a gaming company. They meet in the virtual world where they complete missions and slay dragons together. They form a strong bond of friendship and trust, which eventually develops and transfers into the real world. This is one of the most successful Chinese dramas of 2016.



In the near future I will review some of the dramas above.  I hope you will come to enjoy these dramas as much as I did.


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